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2nd Annual Mardi Gras
Celebration of Art
February 2012
Featured Artists


Grant Manier was one of the Guest Artists at the Mardi Gras
Celebration of Art. Grant is a 17-year old Houston artist living
with autism; each of his artworks contain thousands of cut or
torn pieces of recycled paper. Grant calls his artwork,
“COOLAGES”, and his Eco-friendly artwork is gaining national
media attention and awards for his eco-impressionism.

When not recycling, Grant raises the awareness of living with
autism through speaking engagements and workshops.

Shortly after our Mardi Gras Celebration, Grant also attended  
Give Autism A Chance event in Austin on April 22. He
designed the poster for it (see a copy to the right).

At age nine, Grant co-wrote his first book:
"Dear Journal, I
Have Autism"
, which has been a source of hope for families
dealing with Autism. He has won many awards and has been
featured in national broadcast and print media. He is featured
in the 2012 edition of
The Art of Autism, by Debra Hosseini.

Go see his website at
Grant Manier created this
artwork using more than
3,500 pieces of recycled
poster boards, magazines,
and calendars.  
Two extraordinary artists were at the Mardi Gras Celebration of Art weekend to showcase their talent! Guest artists
Grant Manier and Alexandria Sias are two young Texas artists (Grant is from Houston, and Lexi is from Waxahachie).
They are also featured in the
2011 and 2012 versions of The Art of Autism.
They were both at the
Mardi Gras Celebration as featured Guest Artists.
We were very honored that they came to our event ... THANK YOU, Grant and Lexi!

The 2013 Mardi Gras Celebration of Art is
now accepting entries from student artists!

Go to www.mardi-gras-art-waco.com for more information!

Lexi is a 17 year old  high school student in Waxahachie, Texas.  
Lexi was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.  She faces the
many challenges of living with autism everyday, and has
overcome many of these obstacles with her creative mind.  

As a child, Lexi could not draw simple stick figures, but now,
through her artistic talents, she creates computer art and
drawings using programs such as Microsoft Paint and

Lexi's favorite things to draw are cartoons, animated characters
and anthropomorphic.  She also uses music to express herself
and emotions when doing her art.

Lexi is an artist for
Kindtree Productions, an Autism website
where she markets her art.  Lexi also participated in the first
Annual Arts 4 Autism with the Autism Society of Dallas in 2007.

Lexi hopes to attend
nonPareil Institute in Plano, Texas, to
continue her dreams of becoming a game and character
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Grant was the Featured Artist at the Dallas Museum of Art Autism
Family Day event in January 2012.
Here you see him demonstrating his technique as he finishes "The
Jester of Mardi Gras", created especially for the Mardi Gras
Grant Manier and his mom Julie Coy, at the Dallas
Museum of Art with the "Jester of Mardi Gras",
especially for the Mardi Gras Celebration and very
generously donated to the Heart of Texas Autism
Lexi is one of 54 artists worldwide who are featured
in "Artism - The Art of Autism", published in 2011.